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This is what happens when The Expendables stop killing people and start selling beer

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Jean-Claude Van Damme, perhaps best loved for his star turn in 1994's Street Fighter, is on a tear with brands lately. Last year, he found his way into two viral campaigns — one for GoDaddy and another for Volvo — that involved him doing some truly impressive splits. This time around, Coors Light tapped the Muscles from Brussels for their latest spot and had him throw on a wig ripped right out of Hard Target and build a bar out of a mountaintop.

The commercial, complete with '80s action movie theme music, is actually a followup to a team-up Coors Light did with Van Damme in 2011. Back then, he merely made snow angels and thought deep thoughts about his tight jeans. Now, he's doing flying kicks through walls of ice.

If Van Damme can't be in The Expendables 3, at least he can make a good living in ads.