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Vince Gilligan talks 'Better Call Saul' in new teaser

Vince Gilligan talks 'Better Call Saul' in new teaser

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It's been almost a year since Breaking Bad went off the air, but fortunately, it won't be long before one of its best characters is back. AMC has been starting to tease its spin-off, Better Call Saul, and a brief new preview finds the show's two creators, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, discussing what we should expect from it. The information isn't entirely new if you've been paying close attention to their discussions over the past year, but it's the longest look that AMC has given us yet. "How do you become Saul Goodman," Gould asks. "What kind of problem do you have that becoming Saul Goodman solves it?" It's a very good question, and it's one that'll have a lot of Breaking Bad fans tuning in for more from the wonderfully sleazy lawyer next year.

You can see a little bit more footage from an earlier Better Call Saul teaser below.