Infamous: First Light is typical in a lot of ways. It's a downloadable spin-off to the solid PS4 title Infamous: Second Son, one that delves into the origin story of a super-powered character capable of harnessing neon light to do everything from glide through the air to shoot glowing pink laser bolts at bad guys. It only lasts around five hours, but First Light gives you everything you'd expect out of a superhero action game. There's one key difference, though — it stars a woman.

The protagonist of First Light is Abigail "Fetch" Walker, who first appeared in Second Son as a vigilante intent on ridding Seattle of drug dealers. In her standalone title you learn just why she hates them so much. First Light is basically a standard damsel in distress story, except in this case the damsel is Fetch's older brother, who has been kidnapped by criminals who are trying to blackmail her to take control of the city's seedy underbelly.