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Ridley Scott says 'Blade Runner' sequel script is finished and 'damn good'

Ridley Scott says 'Blade Runner' sequel script is finished and 'damn good'


The script brings back Harrison Ford

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Ridley Scott has been working on a sequel to Blade Runner for at least a couple years, and it now appears that the script is ready to roll. "It’s written and it’s damn good," he tells Entertainment Weekly. The story will bring back Harrison Ford, who starred in the 1982 film as one of the eponymous replicant hunters. Scott says that Ford's character is "a survivor after all these years," which, certainly, is a curious fact in and of itself given the ambiguous ending of certain cuts of the film. There's no specific timetable on when the sequel will be made, but Scott sounds confident. "So yes," he tells EW, "that will happen."

Up next for Scott is an adaptation of The Martian, the best-selling novel first released in 2012. Scott suspects that Blade Runner will come after this, though he has a lot on his plate — including a sequel to Prometheus, which also has a finished script. Basically, Scott's been super busy for the past few years, and if Blade Runner doesn't get done soon, it may just be because he has a lot of other projects on his plate. He's latest film, Exodus: Gods and Kings, comes out on December 12th.