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The Flash is a horrible runner in this new poster

The Flash is a horrible runner in this new poster

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The CW today revealed the latest poster for the upcoming The Flash series. Here, Barry Allen taps into the Speed Force to create his iconic symbol. It's a solid poster. But The Verge writers sat down and dug a little deeper into what's happening here.

The Flash Poster

Adi Robertson: The interesting thing about TV is that it's subverted film's blue / orange filter. Although maybe Gotham will bring it back, based on the posters.

Ross Miller: So... is he dashing then turning sharply and going backwards diagonally, then turning sharply back around... OR is he like backpedaling / strafing to make curves?

TC Sottek: Yeah pretty inefficient tbh.

Kwame Opam: Maybe he's dodging really random bullets?

Sean O'Kane: Maybe his speed warps spacetime.

Polygon's Chris Plante: Did you guys ever consider that maybe Flash is slicing street pizza?

What do you think?