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Picdeck is the web app for people obsessed with Instagram

Picdeck is the web app for people obsessed with Instagram


If you follow tons of people on Instagram and you like Tweetdeck, this app is for you

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I follow a few hundred people on Instagram, and even though I check the app a few times a day, I often feel like I'm missing out on some appetizing food pics and enviable vacation photos. But now I have a better chance of keeping up with my feed thanks to Picdeck. A desktop web app built in a day by London-based software company Marvel App, Picdeck lets you create multiple user and hashtag-specific columns for your Instagram account. The columns are updated in realtime as new posts flow in.

As its name and functionality would suggest, Picdeck is inspired by Tweetdeck, the Twitter client favored by journalists and media types, which is not directly related to this project. Unlike Tweetdeck, Picdeck doesn't support multiple accounts yet, limiting its overall usefulness. It's also not optimized for mobile. But Marvel App plans to add new features soon. As cofounder Murat Multu wrote to me: "Imagine a column for Wembley Stadium or Ferguson etc...We've nearly finished location columns so that will go in soon. I think we'll set aside some time each month for the team to keep adding to it, although there's a ton of other hack day ideas we have so maybe next month we might have something better, who knows!" For those who follow lots of of Instagram accounts, Picdeck is certainly worth a shot.

Updated to add comment from Murat Multu.