In much of the Western world, the Tesla Model S is becoming a normal sight in traffic; it’s just another sedan. A particularly quiet and environmentally friendly one, granted, but a workaday four-door nonetheless.

In Russia, on the other hand, a Model S attracts the attention of pretty much everyone. Tesla doesn’t do business there, so when Dmitry Grishin — the wealthy 35-year-old entrepreneur behind internet mega-portal — navigated hell and high water to bootleg one into Moscow, his hard-fought prize made the cover of Автомобили magazine. Over 600 of the 3,000 employees at his company signed up to test drive the car in a rented lot. “They’re all geeks, programmers,” Grishin says. “There are a lot of technology enthusiasts here. I see many people… you know, I have a huge amount of people in Moscow who just try to come to me to ask to drive the car. Many friends, technology entrepreneurs.”