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Microsoft built a 'working' Surface Pro 3 out of cardboard

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A miniature display completes this marketing trick

Microsoft has created a cardboard replica of its Surface Pro 3 tablet. It might not be as impressive as the giant Surface tablet the company erected in London last year, but the cardboard version has its very own working display. A small section lights up to show off the specs of Microsoft's latest tablet, powered by a low-res MP4 player. The software maker has been sending its cardboard Surfaces to various schools in Australia as part of a marketing effort to mark the launch of the Surface Pro 3 in 25 countries tomorrow.

A video of the cardboard Surface reveals it has one slight addition to the real thing: a Mini USB port to charge the miniature display. It's an unusual amount of marketing effort to target schools in Australia, but we've seen similar stunts from Google with an offline Moto Maker in the pages of Wired, and an Android phone embedded inside Entertainment Weekly.