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It's come to this: new sitcom is based around people not using their cellphones

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What on Earth would a modern sitcom look like if all of its main characters didn't use a cellphone? Maybe it would be something like every series made before the 2000s, or maybe it would be a smart take on today's culture. Either way, Fox is about to find out. According to Deadline, it's ordered a pilot episode — which will very likely be aired to the public — for a show called All Together Now, which features the daring premise of six twenty-somethings all agreeing to turn off their mobile devices and start talking to each other.

The show comes from two producers of the Fox sitcom Dads, which was widely criticized for racism in its first episode, continually received poor reviews, and was finally canceled after its first season. Basically, there isn't a whole lot of reason to put your faith in this pilot turning out well, but that simply having characters be digitally disconnected from each other is now interesting enough to warrant a TV series really speaks to just how much has changed over the last two decades. Being disconnected is often a big deal — so there may well be plenty for the show to mine.