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Microsoft will sell Xbox One's Kinect camera for $149 starting October 7th

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Back in May, Microsoft finally relented and unbundled Kinect from Xbox One, a move that allowed the company to bring its console's price down to $399. But Microsoft doesn't want anyone forgetting about Kinect; starting October 7th, the company will sell it as a standalone product for $149. For that price, you'll get both the camera and Dance Central Spotlight. "Kinect remains an important part of the Xbox One experience," Microsoft reiterated today. The company is encouraging gamers to step up to what it calls the "premium experience" that's made possible with Kinect. We'd agree that the console's voice commands are certainly useful, but game developers haven't shown Kinect much love since Xbox One launched last year. Windows users will be able to take advantage of the second-generation Kinect and its advanced motion tracking later this year.