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One publisher dumped Amazon and had its best revenue year ever

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Amazon has been in a heated battle with the publisher Hachette for a few months now, and the general consensus is that Amazon has very little to lose while Hachette has a quite a bit to lose — a relationship with the biggest seller of books, to be specific. Modern life without Amazon has always sounded like a big problem for any publisher, but apparently that's not the case for all of them. In a big profile today, Business Insider looks at the case of Educational Development Corporation (EDC) — the publisher of titles like Everyone Poops — which has managed to break free from Amazon and actually succeed on its own.

EDC's business was declining when it decided to cut off Amazon sales back in 2012 in a dramatic move to spur a turnaround. And it's worked out: BI reports that the publisher just had its best year ever for net revenue. That's certainly a good sign for other small publishers, but it's pretty clear that EDC's methods won't work for everyone. For instance, one way that EDC makes money is through a a multi-level marketing organization (which EDC tells BI is not the shady kind of MLM), having representatives sell books to their neighbors. That likely isn't a viable option for larger names like Hachette, but it suggests that losing a fight with Amazon may not be the harsh sentence that it's been made out to be.