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'BioShock' is out on iOS for $14.99

'BioShock' is out on iOS for $14.99

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BioShock on iOS is a true testament to how far mobile gaming has come. And now you're able to return to Rapture and experience this new port of an old classic for yourself. The iOS version stays true to the original, with the entire story presented here just as it was on last-gen consoles and PC way back in 2007. The graphics have been downgraded slightly for an optimal experience and to squeeze the entire game into Apple's 2GB file size limit on iOS.

But even with those concessions, Polygon recently said players can expect a "seamless replay" and "a mesmerizing experience" — so long as you play through the game using a Bluetooth controller. Progressing through BioShock using touch controls sounds a bit unwieldy, though developer 2K China has tried to ease the experience by ramping up auto-aim and making your on-screen enemies easier to hit.

As you'd expect from a game of this scope, it's not cheap. BioShock for iOS has been priced at $14.99, which still falls below the $19.99 Steam is charging for the classic PC version right now. Obviously there are ways of getting the original cheaper (i.e. used), but nostalgia is a powerful thing. We expect to see the game do well as a new generation of gamers — this time playing on iPhones and iPads — are introduced to Rapture.

Update April 27th, 11:15PM ET: This story has been updated to reflect the game's availability.