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Republicans hope this elephant and a busted video game will help 'win back the Senate'

Republicans hope this elephant and a busted video game will help 'win back the Senate'

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Many people believe the Republican Party has a fairly good shot of taking back the US Senate this November. But to help advance that cause, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) — or one of its interns, probably — just launched a new game called Mission Majority. You play as Giopi (get it?), a pixelated elephant who looks like he belongs in the good 'ole 16-bit era, but is instead doing his best to persevere in a modern world.

Giopi Mission Majority

Giopi says he's a hopeful GOP volunteer just trying to cut through the "red tape and regulations" standing between Republicans and a Senate majority that would help the right push its legislative agenda. Throughout the run-and-jump platformer, you'll have to overcome "job-destroying taxers" and other foes who represent President Obama, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and basically everything Democrats stand for.

Sadly we couldn't try the game firsthand. We gave it a valiant effort, but Giopi's adventure is totally broken. Once you sign in with Facebook, Google+, or your email account (prepare for endless GOP email blasts leading to the midterms this fall), Mission Majority just kind of stalls and sits there like this:

Mission Majority

Whoops. Software engineer / artist Cole Ott has one theory on what's so wrong with the GOP's web browser game.

So it would seem the Republican Party isn't very good at making video games. Advertising in popular games young people actually play might be a better idea. Then again, the White House has come up short on much more important web-related projects, so maybe everybody loses. It doesn't matter anyway, since Mission Majority is little more than a cute attempt to round up email addresses so the NRSC can fill up your inbox with its talking points. Good luck with that, Giopi.