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'Party Down' will stream exclusively on Hulu starting this Friday

'Party Down' will stream exclusively on Hulu starting this Friday


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Here's something to do for this Labor Day weekend that doesn't involve inclement weather: stay inside and watch Party Down on Hulu. Starz's cult comedy ran for two seasons starting in 2009, earning critical acclaim but never finding a large enough audience to keep going. The show enjoyed a brief stint on Netflix before getting pulled a few months before Starz left Netflix entirely.

Starting this Friday, the entire Party Down series returns to the internet as an exclusive to Hulu — and the first five episodes will be free for non-subscribers (though likely still ad supported) for a limited time. It's a chance to see a group of actors who were on the precipice of bigger things, including Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), and Jane Lynch (Glee).

Though it hasn't had the same success as Netflix in terms of high profile originals, Hulu has spent its summer nabbing exclusive rights to stream South Park, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and other major TV shows.

Seriously, if the weather isn't pretty this weekend — or even if it is — consider skipping the barbecue and doing a Party Down marathon.