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HP is recalling six million laptop cords because they could start fires

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There have been 29 complaints of melting cords and 13 of property damage

If you bought an HP or Compaq laptop between September 2010 and June 2012, listen up, because this concerns you: the power cords sold with those laptops are being recalled after reports of overheating and property damage. HP says that applies to about 5.5 million cords in the US and about 450,000 in Canada.

Although it doesn't appear there's anything wrong with the laptops themselves, some of the cords — specifically the AC adapter, the part that connects the wall to the power brick — are prone to overheating: there have been 29 complaints of overheating cords and 13 complaints of resulting property damage. If you're not sure this applies to you, the cord should be marked "LS-15." HP, expectedly, is replacing the cords free of charge through its site.

A similar recall happened last year when HP and Google recalled 145,000 chargers for the Chromebook 11 — although that doesn't hold a candle to the six-million-unit recall just announced.