Today, Amazon Studios posted a fresh batch of five TV pilots as part of its year-old, semi-crowdsourced production efforts. This third season, which includes two hour-long dramas and three half-hour comedies, indicates a stepping up on Amazon’s part, particularly in terms of who’s behind the camera: this time around, the roster includes Shaun Cassidy, creator of American Gothic, Marc Forster (World War Z), and Steven Soderbergh, who in his return from “retirement" has really taken to the small screen.

As it’s done before, Amazon Studios is soliciting feedback from the pilot’s viewers and says it will use that input to decide which shows go on to produce full seasons — basically, a more transparent version of the big advantage companies like Amazon and Netflix have when it comes to measuring their users’ interest in real-time. As Bill Carr, vice president of digital music and video, has said: “data drives what we put in front of customers.”

So what did the data fairy bring us this pilot season? Like most TV, a couple duds and some promising starts — and a bunch of callbacks to other popular shows, which is what you would expect when you make things based on other things people like.

Here at The Verge, we’ve collected some data of our own: and by data, we mean we watched all the pilots and had some opinions about which ones should go to season. See below for our picks — Hi, Amazon! More of Ron Pearlman’s craggy forehead, please! — and our best guesses as to what the Great TV Algorithm picked up on that led to these shows.