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Netflix reportedly picks up NBC's 'The Blacklist' for $2 million per episode

Netflix reportedly picks up NBC's 'The Blacklist' for $2 million per episode

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Netflix adding a TV show to its streaming library isn't usually a big deal, but things are a little different when that show is one of a major network's biggest new titles. Deadline reports that Netflix is picking up streaming right for NBC's The Blacklist, which became a breakout success last year and reportedly saw around 12 million viewers on each episode. Its first season will reportedly begin streaming next weekend on Netflix, which is the only place that it'll be found online for a while. The series, which follows a fugitive who partners with the FBI to track down other criminals, will begin its second season on NBC in late September.

Netflix is said to be paying handsomely for exclusive initial streaming rights, handing over $2 million per episode to Sony Pictures TV — the show's producer and distributor — for the privilege. Deadline reports that the $2 million figure appears to be the largest that Netflix or any other streaming service has paid for rebroadcast rights. The Walking Dead is said to be have previously held that record, fetching $1.35 million per episode. With huge shows like these heading to a single online service, Netflix is continuing to blur the distinction between a streaming site and a premium channel.

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