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Apple reportedly building huge, three-story structure at site of September 9th event

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Apple has a lot to showcase on September 9th, and apparently it's not sparing any expense for the big occasion. MacRumors reports that Apple has quietly been building a massive, three-story structure at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, the venue that's hosting Apple's event. The area, which is on De Anza College's Cupertino campus, has been barricaded off and is said to be surrounded by security. Unsurprisingly, college officials aren't offering any hint as to what's behind those white walls, saying only, "We are not at liberty to discuss that due to client wishes."

With two iPhones and the company's mythic wearable reportedly set for a grand reveal — now Bloomberg has corroborated claims that we will indeed see the wearable on September 9th — the event is already drawing plenty of speculation. The humungous size of the structure is causing many imaginations to run wild. Why is so much space necessary? Could Apple be planning some high-production demonstrations for its latest products and software like HomeKit? With over 2,000 seats, the Flint Center dwarfs other venues that Apple typically chooses for these events. (Its website could really use a touch up, though.) But there's some history in the mix; Steve Jobs unveiled the original Macintosh at the exact same location 30 years ago.

Update, April 28th, 9PM ET: Story updated with information from Bloomberg report.