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The voice of Mario and Luigi has brought Nintendo's plumbers to Instagram

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There's no telling how Nintendo feels about the whole thing, but voice actor Charles Martinet has brought the iconic characters of Mario and Luigi to life on Instagram. And he's doing it with action figures. Martinet has taken a liking to carrying Mario and Luigi toys around and voicing conversations between them based on what's going on in the real world. He's been at it for nearly a month now, and considering it's little more than some cute, harmless fun, it's doubtful Nintendo would take issue.

The company has worked with Martinet for over two decades. Most gamers first heard his instantly recognizable Mario voice in Super Mario 64, and he's stayed around for basically every Mario game since. Aside from Mario and Luigi, he's also voiced their evil counterparts Wario, Waluigi, and other characters.

But on Instagram, Mario and Luigi don't talk about rescuing the princess or defeating Bowser. Instead, they talk about llamas, leafcutter ants, and Bambi. Things get a little weird when Martinet throws the figures into a plate of food, but at least he's having fun. Below are just a few of Martinet's more popular clips performing as Nintendo's favorite plumbers.