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Apple's wearable reportedly won't ship until 2015

Apple's wearable reportedly won't ship until 2015


You'll see it on September 9th, but won't be wearing it until next year

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There's a reason Apple's wearable device hasn't leaked out yet: it won't be shipping to consumers anytime soon. According to Recode, the iWatch (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) isn't scheduled to hit retail shelves until early next year — several months after its world debut on September 9th. That means Apple will miss the important holiday shopping season, though two new iPhones should give the company plenty of momentum on that front.

The wait won't be much fun for Apple's fans, but it holds true to the strategy Apple uses when announcing its biggest products. The iPhone was announced in January 2007 and didn't ship until June of that year. There was also a three-month wait for the iPad between the time Steve Jobs revealed it on stage in January of 2010 and when it launched in March. Tim Cook has repeatedly said that Apple still places huge importance on the element of surprise, and the delay between announcement and shipping prevents unwanted leaks from manufacturing plants and / or the FCC. It also affords Apple plenty of time to build up supply for the big launch day. So while you'll be seeing Apple's wearable in less than two weeks, don't expect to actually wear it until next year.