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See the visual effects that bring 'Game of Thrones' to life

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Game of Thrones didn't get much love from the Emmys last week — it only won just four technical awards out of 19 nominations — but there's no denying what an impressive achievement the series is. Its creators have brought a massive, fantastic world to life on TV in a way that only film has in the past, and much of the credit goes to the visual effects companies that make it all possible.

Montreal-based visual effects studio Rodeo was among those honored on Monday, and now it's released a video showing off its work for season four of the show. Its work includes bringing Meereen to life, as well as filling in crowds for some of the more stunning battle scenes in the show, but the way its work transforms serene locales into magnificent vistas of fantasy cities is perhaps the most impressive of all. Naturally, there are some spoilers in the video, and if you want more, be sure to check out similar clips from other visual effects companies that worked on the latest season of the epic TV show.