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Amazon is resurrecting 'The Tick' with Patrick Warburton for new pilot

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In 2002, Fox cancelled superhero TV show The Tick just eight episodes in. Now, over a decade later, Amazon Studios is giving the show a second chance. According to The Wrap and People, star Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement, Ted, Seinfeld) has made a deal with rights holders Sony Television to produce a pilot for a rebooted version of The Tick.

In the original show, Warburton played the Tick — a big, blue, and clumsy parody of a superhero. The series was based on a comic of the same name, and a successful ‘90s animated kids show featuring the hero pre-dated the failed live-action effort on Fox. The show was favorably received by critics at the time — and has since garnered a bit of a cult following — but was cancelled before completion of its first season.

Now that superheroes are making bank at box offices, Amazon's original series arm is giving The Tick a shot. Like other shows that go through Amazon Studios, a pilot episode of The Tick will stream online along with other new shows, and viewers' votes will help decide if it gets produced into a full series for Amazon Prime Instant Video. You can check out the show's original 2001 pilot below.