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Apple reportedly planning multiple wearables, most expensive model might cost $400

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We're little over a week from Apple's biggest press conference of the year, and rumors surrounding the company's widely-expected entry into the wearable market are reaching fever pitch. Unidentified sources now tell Recode that there won't be a single Apple wearable device — or "iWatch" as many observers have decided to call it — but rather multiple models at different price points. According to the report, executives have discussed offering a model for as much as $400 — significantly more than the competition. LG's and Samsung's Android Wear-powered models cost $199.99 and $229 respectively. Samsung's Gear 2 costs $299.99.

It's not clear how many models will be available, but it wouldn't be surprising to see less expensive versions of the device with different screen sizes, or perhaps less-impressive specifications. A Wall Street Journal report from this past June suggested that Apple would be able to hit multiple prices by offering models with different size screens. Today's Recode report adds that it's not clear that Apple has settled on a price yet, and it's possible that the company will not reveal how much the wearable (or wearables) will cost until a later date. A separate rumor earlier suggested that any forthcoming "iWatch" would not be available until next year.