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See author Thomas Pynchon's handwritten edits to his 'Simpsons' script

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Famed — and incredibly reclusive — author Thomas Pynchon no less than shocked fans when he came out of hiding to make two separate celebrity appearances on The Simpsons in 2004. As you might have expected, his appearance was anything but ordinary: not only did his character appear with a paper bag over his head, but executive producer Matt Selman has revealed that Pynchon modified the script that was faxed to him. He wrote in some of his character's better jokes, including puns that refer to his novels (see: "The Frying of Latke 49" and "V.-Licious"). Most notably, as you can see in the picture, Pynchon refused to call Homer a "fat ass," writing in the margins: "Sorry, guys. Homer is my role model and I can't speak ill of him."

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