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Giant floating snowflake will offer a five-star view of the Northern Lights

Giant floating snowflake will offer a five-star view of the Northern Lights


Construction is expected to begin mid-2015

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Rich tourists will soon be able to enjoy the Northern Lights from within a floating, snowflake-shaped resort located in the waters near Tromso, Norway. The 86-bedroom Krystall hotel is being marketed as a "scarless development," according to The Telegraph. In other words, the glass-roofed luxury property is not only intended to be "self-sustainable" but also to have a minimal impact on its environment.

a floating, snowflake-shaped resort

Although the whole idea might initially seem too grandiose to ever become a reality, Waterstudio's Koen Olthuis tells The Telegraph that the cost of building Krystall is budgeted as "almost the same as a land-based hotel of its type." The "floating foundation" is expected to only increase expenditure by about 15 percent. Construction of the project is slated to begin in mid-2015 and finish about 18 months later. The Krystall hotel will be built in sections that will later be towed in place, and eventually tethered to the adjacent fjords with cables. If all goes as planned, the completed structure will serve as a five-star destination for anyone looking to see the Aurora Borealis in style.

Floating infrastructures might still be a novel concept for many, but both Olthius and design affiliate Dutch Docklands have had considerable experience dealing with similar projects. As of the moment, the two parties are working on the luxurious Ocean Flower in the Maldives, which will include private islands, a golf course, and 185 waterfront villas.