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A British national park is using ponies to fight smartphone addiction

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The New Forest entices visitors with secure gadget babysitting service

Britain's New Forest National Park wants to take away your cellphone, your tablet, and your car keys. The park, in southern England, has started a new scheme in which visitors can deposit their electronic devices at a dedicated "Tech Creche." Smartphones and iPads are kept in device daycare while their owners roam the park, supposedly freed from the tyranny of screens, push notifications, and GPS directions.

Participating people can print off vouchers that promise they'll "swap screen time for family time." The park also suggests visitors leave their cars at the visitor center, travelling instead on foot or by open top bus to lessen the environmental impact on the park. The scheme is designed to reconnect children and parents on family vacations, but you probably won't need to lock your phone away to avoid using it in the New Forest — the park might be packed with tiny and delightful ponies, but regular visitors will tell you it's not blessed with particularly strong cellphone signal.