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Sad Tweets shows you all of your biggest Twitter fails

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It's almost enough to make you want to delete your account entirely

It's tough out there for Twitter users. Some days, you're unstoppable, racking up favs and retweets faster than you can count. It feels like the internet is hanging on your every word. Most days, however, it's another story altogether. Your witty observations, hilarious links, artfully-shot food photos, and cryptic messages land with a thud, bouncing off the craniums of your followers (half of which may or may not be robots) without leaving an impact.

If you want to relive your most abject Twitter failures (and if you're like me, you have a lot), the recently-launched Sad Tweets site will serve them up to you for critique and judgement. After logging in with your Twitter credentials, Sad Tweets surfaces tweets you've made that don't have any favs or retweets — and to add insult to injury, it tells you how long that tweet has sat there on the internet without making an impact. The tweets float towards you, isolated and lonely against a plain white background before being replaced by yet another failure. Fortunately, Sad Tweets only shows you the tweet fails from your own account, so your friends can't plug your name into it and see just how badly you might be off your Twitter game. Still, it's almost enough to make you want to delete your account entirely.