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Limited edition Pebble smartwatches will add some color to your wrist

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An aging design gets spruced up with blue, green, and pink limited editions

The original Pebble smartwatch has been available in black, grey, red, white, and orange for well over a year now. But if you've been holding out for some more pizzazz in your smartwatch, the company is releasing three limited edition colors to spruce up your wrist.

The new Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue Pebble smartwatches offer the same features and sell for the same $150 price as the more staid color options, they just do it with a little more style. The limited edition options will only be available through Pebble's website and once they're gone, they are gone.


In addition to the new color options, Pebble is announcing a new app from The Weather Channel and an upcoming Reading Rainbow watchface with an 8-bit LeVar Burton. The green, pink, and blue Pebbles are available to order starting today, and The Weather Channel app is available in the Pebble App Store as well. The Reading Rainbow watchface will be available later this year.