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Craftsman builds beautifully unique chopsticks for the physically challenged

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Katsuyuki Miyabo's designs are custom-made for each person

Katsuyuki Miyabo makes custom chopsticks for the handicapped. Spoon & Tamago writes that the Japanese woodsmith uses spring-operated mechanisms in his creations, which help users maintain better grips on their food by reducing the need for manual dexterity. Unlike traditional versions of the utensil, these unusual-looking reinterpretations feature thick grips that have been individually tailored to suit the needs of their owners.

According to Spoon & Tamago, Miyabo usually begins by asking his clients to select a base design before adding further refinement through subsequent meetings and careful adjustments. His work represents just a small part of an ongoing attempt at developing ergonomic dining tools. Last year, for example, a company called Lift Labs showcased a motorized spoon intended to assist those suffering from Parkinson's Disease or Essential Tremor.