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Jack White has the best-selling vinyl record in 20 years

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Holograms make everything better

With his latest album, Lazaretto, Jack White wanted to prove there was still life in vinyl records. And it turns out he was right: the album is the best-selling vinyl in two decades. According to Billboard, the album has sold 60,000 units to date on vinyl, the biggest single-year vinyl sales since Pearl Jam released Vitalogy in 1994. The number also represents a quarter of all Lazaretto sales, with the album selling a total of 238,000 units across all platforms.

Of course, Lazaretto is far from a standard vinyl release, as White and Third Man Records have produced an album with an assortment of unique features for music nerds. Dubbed an Ultra LP, the album features tracks hidden under the center label, a locked outer grove so that one side ends on a continuous loop, and even a hand-etched hologram. It was released on June 10th. A well-known vinyl enthusiast, the news should help put a smile on White's face.