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Dude, Push For Pizza

Dude, Push For Pizza


This app lets you order a pie with one tap

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It's 3:00AM. You're hungry. Your buds are hungry. The Cool Ranch Doritos bag is long past empty. "Oh my God, there's an app for this," says your bro Scott. He pulls out his iPhone and taps a red icon labeled PushForPizza. Moments later Scott lets out a primal scream as he stretches out on the couch and slips his phone back into his pocket. "What just happened?" you think.

One minute passes. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. The water is dripping from the kitchen faucet like drop.... drop. It could be an eternity until... Knock knock. A steaming hot pizza's here. Is this a miracle? No, this is real life. This is Push For Pizza, the one-tap pizza-ordering app. It remembers your credit card and lets you pick your favorite pizza place so you can order a pie at any time with minimal mental exertion. Behold.

Push For Pizza relies on, an online platform for ordering food and processing payments that links up with and other sites. This means the app works just about anywhere.