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Apple's next iPhone could be announced September 9th

Apple's next iPhone could be announced September 9th

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There have been rumors, and more rumors, and hints, and then a bunch of other rumors, and on September 9th we might have answers. Recode reports that Apple will hold an event that Tuesday to announce the next line of iPhones, which we expect to include at least one, and probably two, new models. They'll have bigger screens, new processors, maybe new materials, and even more. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg followed Recode's story with corroborating reports that new phones are on the way that day.

September 9th is a favorite day for Apple. In 2008, it unveiled a new lineup of iPods on that day; in 2009, it had its "It's Only Rock and Roll" event. There's lots of history on the date for Apple, for its music in particular — of course, it's all tea leaves, but the company does have a history of making cryptic statements with every aspect of its events.

The date likely won't be confirmed until just before it takes place, but whenever it does happen, we'll be there live. And ready. In the meantime, brush up on everything we know about the iPhone 6 so far.