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The American people gave exactly 4,377 f***s for net neutrality

The American people gave exactly 4,377 f***s for net neutrality


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Americans are mad about losing net neutrality rules. Really mad. So mad that among the 1.1 million comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, they offered f-bombs, death threats, and just overall super-pissed language. But so far the FCC hasn't provided the full deck of comments to the public — until now.

Thankfully the data wizards at Vox Media have been crunching through the numbers, and we now have a top-down view of just how mad citizens are about the crony capitalism that's led to regional broadband monopolies, embarrassing internet speeds, and perpetually late cable guys.

Derivative fucks

The American people are nothing if not innovative. Bold. Enterprising. Why insult our corporate overlords and government suits with vanilla curse words? Here are some of our favorite variations.

fuckery (571)

fucked (376)

fuckers (155)

fucker (115)

youfuck (87)

fucktards (39)

itfuck (21)

clusterfuck (18)

fuckheads (13)

fuckwads (10)

fucktarded (4)

preventcablecompanyfuckery (4)

pigfuckers (3)

bumblefuck (3)

fuckwit (2)

fuckwad (2)

fuckbags (2)

tomfuckery (1)

ancestorsfuck (1)

crochetfuckyouyourrevolvingdooroflobbyisttochairmantolobbyistsituation (1)

You can see the full list of variations here.

9 dirty words

George Carlin (and Lenny Bruce) would be proud of us. In comments to the FCC, citizens used the combined list of suggestive, raunchy, rude, crude, lewd, and off-color terms a total of 8,289 times. Here's a detailed breakdown, plus a couple of bonus words that are sure to offend the bureaucrats who have to slog through our anger.

fuck (4,377)

shit (2,136)

ass (1,011)

balls (407)

piss (250)

cunt (67)

tits (24)

cocksucker (9)

motherfucker (8)

Other fan favorites

Not everyone came to the comment party to rage, and there are plenty of words submitted that won't set your hair on fire. Here are some of the most popular.

internet (3,068,339)

neutrality (1,570,836)

wheeler (453,237)

slow (321,018)

utility (205,532)

pay to play (190,294)

competition (153,991)

reclassify (153,436)

Comcast (47,552)