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Here's our first glimpse of Bruce Wayne in 'Batman v. Superman'

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Filming for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is officially underway in Detroit, so of course fans are already trying to get a peek at what's happening on set  and then share it with the entire internet. Yesterday, one determined spectator recorded a scene that featured Bruce Wayne rescuing a little girl from a chaotic situation in Metropolis. A nearby bus confirms that this sequence indeed takes place in Superman's neck of the woods, though it's not immediately obvious why Wayne, who looks slightly older than we've seen in recent Batflicks, is in town.

Notice that up until now we've exclusively said Bruce Wayne, and that's because the Bruce Wayne seen here doesn't look all that much like Ben Affleck, who's of course playing Wayne / Batman in the film. So either Affleck's wearing an astounding amount of makeup, or we're actually seeing his stunt doubles in action here. Odds are it's the latter, though it's hard to make a definitive call. That first guy just might be him. Either way, this Bruce Wayne looks a bit different than Clickhole's hilarious prediction; he's grayer and older, which could mean good things for the character.  Aside from "superhero saves a kid as buildings crumble around them," the footage doesn't really contain any other spoilers. And with Batman v. Superman not due until 2016, odds are we'll be seeing plenty more of these leaks in the coming months as fans try to ease the long wait.