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Microsoft reportedly eyeing New York store close to Apple’s iconic cube

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The future of Microsoft Stores is unclear without a hardware focus

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Microsoft now has more than 100 retail stores in the US, but still no presence in the upscale shopping district of New York City. That might be about to change. New York Daily News reports that the software giant is in talks to open a retail store on Fifth Avenue, one of the most expensive streets for shopping in the world. The location would place Microsoft’s potential store just a few blocks away from Apple’s iconic cube that overlooks Central Park.

That’s not unusual for Microsoft, the company has a habit of placing its stores very close to existing Apple ones in an effort to compete head-to-head on occasions. If the report is accurate then it would mark a fresh approach to New York City for Microsoft. The software maker has used pop-up shops previously, including a large retail store in Times Square for the original Surface launch, but no dedicated store in Manhattan. A specialty pop-up store opened in Staten Island recently.

Will Microsoft still focus on its stores?

With less of a devices focus at Microsoft these days, it’s unclear if the company’s retail stores fit CEO Satya Nadella’s new strategy long term. "Nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture to deliver on this core strategy," says Nadella, proving that the new CEO will look at all areas to streamline Microsoft.

Correction: Microsoft has more than 100 retail stores in the US, not more than 50, as originally reported.