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Apple Specialist Sam Sung is selling his last business card for charity

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A real Apple business card inscribed with the words 'Sam Sung Specialist' can now be yours as a memento of what will be remembered as the most perfect combination of a person's name and place of work. Sam Sung, who used to serve customers at Apple's Pacific Centre store in Vancouver, has now moved on to a new job, but recently dug up his one last business card and has now decided to sell it on eBay and contribute all the proceeds to a local charity.

Sam has gone to the trouble of framing the final remnant of his Apple employment together with his work uniform and name badge, signing the whole thing to give it an extra layer of authenticity. He says it's all "just for fun and charity," and indeed all the money made from the eventual sale (minus eBay's fees) will be passed on to the local branch of the Children's Wish Foundation. Because that's just the sort of cool guy that Sam Sung is. At the time of writing, the highest bid on his auction sits at $3,250, though there's still more than a week left to further inflate the coffers of Sam's chosen charity.

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