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You can now tell the FCC how you feel about AT&T's proposed purchase of DirecTV

You can now tell the FCC how you feel about AT&T's proposed purchase of DirecTV

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The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing AT&T's plan to acquire satellite provider DirecTV, and it wants to hear the public's opinions on the matter. As of today, members of the public can submit comments on the proposed purchase or petitions for the FCC to deny the purchase. The purchase would give AT&T control over around 26 million TV subscribers — an enormous figure that would make it second to only the merged Comcast–Time Warner Cable, should that deal also go through.

There are three stages of comments

The FCC's comment period will remain open through September 16th, after which there will be a month-long period during which the public can reply to those comments, ending October 16th, followed by yet another period of replies to those comments. The commenting period ends after that, but it's unstated when the FCC will close its review. To submit a comment, go to the FCC's website and file a response to proceeding number 14-90.

AT&T wants DirecTV because it would make the combined company a much more serious player in TV. AT&T already partners with DirecTV to offer bundles with other services, and a merged company could make an even stronger offer out of that deal. While the merger doesn't look so strange beside Comcast–TWC, that's exactly what's worrying to the many who are opposed to these companies buying one another out. There are already very few options for TV service, and if both of these deals go through, there'll be even fewer.