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Sony's Gamescom trailer would be acceptable in the '80s

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Sony started teasing blood-soaked snowflakes for its appearance at the annual Gamescom trade show next week, but the PlayStation maker has switched to full-on weird for its latest trailer. Available on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, Sony’s teaser is either designed to troll the internet or it’s a big miss for a company that’s had some great marketing for its PlayStation 4 console recently.

The 30-second spot includes psychedelic green screens, puzzling facial expressions, and a generous helping of PlayStation logos whizzing by. It’s like watching a really bad Winamp visualization that’s not fit for the '80s, let alone 2014. At the other end of the scale, Microsoft has played it safe for its own Xbox Gamescom teaser, with a video that actually includes information and a look at some games.