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This search engine shows you 3D models of everything

This search engine shows you 3D models of everything


Yobi3D is designed for 3D printmakers and animators

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Are you a digital animator, 3D printmaker, or just like looking at cool rotating 3D models of things? Then Yobi3D is for you. The search engine, which launched in June, is basically the Google of 3D object renders. Type in almost any conceivable generic object name (even some proper nouns) and you'll get a grid view of 3D models sourced from around the web. You can also rotate the models directly within the search results pages.

"I was really amazed with how mature web browsers have become in rendering 3D graphics," says Jessy Lee, the search engine's founder and CEO. Right now, Yobi3D's results can be sporadic and thin, but Lee promises that the engine will only improve as it crawls more 3D models from around the web. "We are still developing our technology and finding more potential users," Lee says. Also, it has the advantage of its name starting with "Yo," a syllable that's turning out to be the defining one of the decade.