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Footage from Kanye West's unreleased 'RoboCop' music video leaked on Instagram

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Taking it back to 2008

All in the name of #ThrowbackThursday, 3D modeler Shihan Barbee took to Instagram yesterday to leak a short clip from Kanye West's unreleased music video for RoboCop, a track off the rapper's 2008 album 808s and Heartbreak. Barbee, who XXL confirms was involved in the production, says the finished product was "dope," but the Hype Williams-directed video never debuted, making it the subject of plenty of rumor and speculation ever since. The bizarre clip, filmed in stop-motion, shows West facing off with his then-girlfriend Amber Rose, whose face is digitally superimposed on a naked doll.

Update 4:15pm ET: More of the video leaked on Vimeo a few weeks ago (thanks IRON MAN!), though it keeps right on being strange. Watch the clip in the embed above.