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Kim Kardashian's next book is 352 pages of selfies

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Tired of giving Kim Kardashian $200 million in real money for virtual fame? Looking for something more tangible? Here you go: Selfish is the latest book by Kim (she's so far authored at least two others: Dollhouse and Kardashian Konfidential). The hardcover book will reportedly feature 352 pages of Kim Kardashian selfies. As the adage goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so this definitely counts as a longread.

Selfish is due out April 7th, 2015 — that's 242 days away. The list price is $19.95 but Amazon is offering a discount. While you wait, maybe consider her 1,800-plus photos on Instagram.

Remember: Kim Kardashian is not your friend.

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