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Once-dead video game maker Sierra could be coming back to life next week

Once-dead video game maker Sierra could be coming back to life next week


And its return is marked with an intro screen you'll inevitably want to skip

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Video game publishers fade into the annals of history all the time, a list that includes Sierra Entertainment — the makers of the once immensely popular King's Quest and Space Quest series. A laundry list of not so great games, along with owner Activision deciding to shut it down after acquiring parent company Vivendi, ultimately turned it into nothing more than a brand. Now, in the spirit of reboots and revivals that keep the entertainment industry humming, Sierra appears to be on its way back.

Activision has posted a 130second video of a hooded adventurer making his (or her) way towards a snow covered mountain as the camera pulls back to unveil a shiny Sierra logo. It will very likely end up being one of the several loading screens players sit through before getting to start whatever game is eventually announced. But in the meantime Activision is teasing it ahead of Gamescom, which takes place next week in Cologne, Germany, as the first thing people see when visiting Sierra's long-dormant website

Besides the King's and Space Quests, Sierra (formerly Sierra On-Line) was responsible for creating Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry — point-and-click games that saw a number of installments. Sierra's had its hand in a number of more recent titles as publisher of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, along with Half Life 1 and 2, though has been off the map since Activision pulled the plug in 2008.