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Daft Punk gives elusive 'Human After All' remix album worldwide release after 8 years

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Daft Punk's polarizing 2005 album Human After All got an extensive remix treatment back in 2006, featuring such acts as Soulwax and Justice. The only trouble was that the LP was exclusive to Japan, making it hard for diehard international fans to get copies. Eight years later, the duo has finally (albeit quietly) given the album a worldwide release, and have even gone so far as to include a few new tracks.

The 15-track album features no fewer than six remixes for Technologic, and boasts new appearances from Basement Jaxx and Le Knight Club, a side project of robot Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. In fact, the Le Knight Club version has apparently gained mythical status among fans; according to Harder Blogger Faster, the track never enjoyed an official endorsement from Daft Punk. Pick up the full album on iTunes, or stream it below.