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The Polaroid spirit lives on with Fujifilm's new instant cameras

The Polaroid spirit lives on with Fujifilm's new instant cameras


Instax Wide 300 prints larger photos than the Mini 90

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It turns out the Instax Mini 90 wasn't a one-off. Fujifilm's attempt to lend its kid-friendly instant cameras a touch of class from its high-end X-series was great fun to use, but had a couple of issues — the small Instax prints aren't for everyone, and the $200 entry price takes it out of impulse-buy territory. But now Fujifilm is back with a new model that addresses both of those problems: the Instax Wide 300.

mini 90 brown

The Wide 300 uses larger format Instax Wide film, which is around twice the size of regular credit card-sized Instax prints. Previous Instax Wide cameras featured comically huge, bulbous designs; the Wide 300 isn't going to win any beauty contests either, but it has at least received a similar makeover to the Mini 90, with a little retro DNA from cameras like the X100. And the larger photos should make it a better option for landscape, fashion, and other types of photography. It'll be available in spring for $129.95, so it might be a more tempting entry into Instax than the Mini 90 — the wide film is a little more expensive, though, which is worth bearing in mind.

Fujifilm is also continuing to promote the Mini 90 and is releasing a new brown-and-silver model in spring for the same $199.95 price, alongside some new colors of the lower-end Mini 8 at $99.95. Instant photography may seem like an anachronism in 2014, but for those that get the unique appeal, Fujifilm is doing well to keep the idea alive.