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Jony Ive on the Apple Watch: 'We were working on this for three years'

Jony Ive on the Apple Watch: 'We were working on this for three years'

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On a segment recorded for ABC's Nightline this evening, Jony Ive briefly spoke off-script with host David Muir — a rare move for the usually reserved Apple design chief best known for his video appearances that accompany many of the company's product launches.

Ive doesn't reveal much beyond pleasantries ("You exist!" Muir exclaims at the beginning), but he does note that the Apple Watch has been a three-year project when asked how this week's event felt for him:

It felt good. I mean, it's a shocking transition when you go from... we were working on this for three years, and it's a relatively small, small team. So it's a big transition for us from working quietly together on something to then suddenly millions of people know what you're doing.

The segment also features some moments with Tim Cook from before and after the unveil, where Cook stresses that American manufacturing is still a priority for the company:

It's critically important. In fact, between the Watch and the iPhones that you've seen, we will have parts or materials or equipment made in 22 of the 50 states.

Muir briefly touches on the iCloud security scandal, but only in service of a question about security in Apple Pay, which Cook assures is well locked-up. ("David, we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't feel like that. We wouldn't do it," he says.)

See a portion of Muir's interview above.