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Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande confirmed for the 'Saturday Night Live' 40th season premiere

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Saturday Night Live is entering its 40th season, and while the anniversary special isn't until early next year, the next season as a whole should be pretty major for the show. Chris Pratt, known for his roles as Star Lord in Guardians in the Galaxy and FBI agent Bert Macklin in Parks and Recreation, will host the season premiere with musical guest Ariana Grande. SNL alum Sarah Silverman will host the next week accompanied by Maroon 5.

Earlier today, Splitsider reported that Bill Murray could potentially host the premiere, his first since since February 1999, and Pratt would host the third episode. The third episode host has yet to be officially announced, and Splitsider's report nailed Grande / Silverman / Maroon 5, so maybe there's still a chance for Murray's return in the third week? We're holding out hope. Saturday Night Live's 40th season kicks off Saturday (duh), September 27th.