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You can now 'return' Android apps for up to two hours after purchase

You can now 'return' Android apps for up to two hours after purchase


Seriously, how long does it take to make up your mind?

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Google Play's return policy has always been a nice perk of being an Android user. If you don't like an app you've just paid for and downloaded, you can simply head back into Google's store, say you want a refund, and you're done. The amount of time you've had to make a decision on keeping versus returning has fluctuated in recent years, though; in the old days, Google gave people an entire 24 hours to initiate a refund. Clearly developers thought that was a bit extreme, and Google later drastically cut the timeframe down to just 15 minutes. That's where it's stood until now, but thankfully Google's return window is getting extended once again: Android users can now request a refund within two hours after they've downloaded an app or game.

So long as you're within the specified window, your payment method will automatically be credited with the 99 cents, $1.99, or however much you spent to begin with. If you still somehow miss it, Google recommends you take things up with the developer directly. You could make a reasonable argument that 15 minutes should've been more than enough time to make a call, but two hours is incredibly generous any way you slice it. Windows Phone lets willing developers give users a trial period for apps before purchase, but iOS lacks either option.