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Google boosts security on Google Apps for iOS

Google boosts security on Google Apps for iOS


Update lets business users designate trusted iPhones and iPads

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Google is rolling out an update for the iOS version of Google Apps that promises increased security for companies that use the cloud-based service. The update introduces iOS Sync automatically to Gmail and Google Drive, and will let employers using Google Apps for Work, Eduction, or Government distribute WiFi passwords to selected iPads and iPhones, and allow employees to mark their Apple devices as trusted when they first log in to Google Apps to stop sensitive documents being seen by outside eyes.

Google says the iOS Sync update will also allow users to remotely wipe devices, or block them from accessing files and documents held in the company's Google Apps account. In the blog post announcing the launch of the patch, Google acknowledged the attention it was paying to Apple's platform: the company likened the competition between Android and iOS to the rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek fans, but said "there's no reason your device of choice should get in the way of your work." Still, while the changes mean the iOS version of Google Apps is close to parity with the Android version, the latter received its own similar update in June.