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Google Voice on iOS gets its first update in nearly a year

Google Voice on iOS gets its first update in nearly a year


And a new paintjob, just in time for iOS 8 next week

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On the heels of making Google Voice and Hangouts play nice with one another, Google is freshening up its long-neglected Google Voice app on iOS. After close to a year without an update, a new version that went out today nixes the many of the bright blues and greens for a black and white interface Google says is more in tune with design cues from iOS 7. The only thing that's out of place is where you type and send messages, which still looks like the old-school, bubbly iOS of yore. Speaking of which, the update requires iOS 6 or later. Previously users could get away with being on iOS 4.3.

Nearly a year since the last update

Along with the change, the app added support for Google Voice integration in Hangouts, something Google said it's beginning to roll out today. That move put free voice calls inside of Hangouts, meaning the two will now commingle.

Google's update comes just days ahead of when Apple's releasing iOS 8 to the public. Developers got it yesterday immediately after Apple's event in Cupertino where it announced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch. Everyone else gets it as a free update on September 17th.