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Yahoo News Digest arrives on iPad with weekly segments from Katie Couric

Yahoo News Digest arrives on iPad with weekly segments from Katie Couric


Yahoo's global news anchor will deliver short explainers every Sunday

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Yahoo News Digest, which offers a twice-daily summary of current events delivered to your mobile device via push notification, made a strong impression on us when it came out for iPhone in January. Where most newsreading apps offer an infinite flood of content designed to keep you in their streams as long as possible, News Digest offered a refreshingly limited take on the day's news. As of today, you'll be able to find it on a platform built for reading: the iPad.

News Digest for iPad is scheduled to arrive this morning with a pair of new features. After you've read the digest, you can drill deeper on special sections for tech, politics, and entertainment, among other topics. And every Sunday, News Digest will bring you a new segment by Yahoo's global news anchor, Katie Couric. The roughly two-minute segments, which will bear the impossibly normcore title of "Now I Get It," will find Katie summarizing an important topic in the week until she (and presumably you) get it. It's her second regular segment for Yahoo after her Tuesday show "World 3.0," which covers topics with a futuristic bent. News Digest is available in United States, Canada, UK, and international editions.

Update, 6:58 p.m.: The app is now live.